白井絵美 | Shirai Emi
Food Director

1985年 東京生まれ。



Emi Shirai’s influence originated from her mother who carefully selected ingredients when making homemade snacks when Emi was younger. Emi gained experience as a chef working in a restaurant after receiving a certificate of cooking. She has also published recipes to numerous cookbooks, magazines and restaurants.

Emi has conditioned herself to diligently staying fit by training and maintaining a healthier lifestyle and as a result has won awards in Tokyo for “Best Body Japan” at body building competitions. Her experience taught her the importance of food intake and continued even further education in order to gain qualifications in this specialty.

Emi’s recipes are all inspired from her culinary knowledge, body training experience and her childhood. Culinary interests and body building are not the only interests that Emi has. Her other interests include lifestyle, wellness and travels abroad to learn more about different cultures and local food.

Emi hopes to not only share her culinary knowledge but also a wide range of subject matters based on her experience.